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The law practice of Deborah Linnartz Wigington & Associates, PLLC covers many areas of law in Comal County, Texas; Hays County, Texas; and Guadalupe County, Texas.

Family Law (Comal County, Texas)

Having an experienced family law attorney in Comal County on your side can make a world of difference.

Deborah Linnartz Wigington & Associates, PLLC can help you with filing for a divorce, child custody, and child support case in Comal County, Texas. In addition to Comal County, we actively practices family law in Guadalupe County and Hays County. Deborah Wigington also has extensive experience in CPS cases.

If it's time for a change, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

As a family law attorney in Comal County, We represent individuals in many various areas of family law including divorce, custody modification, child support enforcement, name change petitions, guardianships, protective orders for prevention of family violence, mediation, emancipation for a minor, criminal juvenile proceedings, and CPS or Texas Department of Family and Protective Services cases.

It is very important to feel comfortable with your attorney in family law cases.

Your family law attorney will become either an addition to your support system or an additional source of stress in an already stressful time.

If you have a family law matter in Comal County, Hays County, Guadalupe County, or other Central Texas county, please feel free to give us a call to discuss the matter and see if you would like to add us to your support team.

The stress involved in family disputes can affect your entire life.

When you have an issue such as custody modification, divorce, or child support enforcement you need an attorney who will listen to you and answer your questions. Usually there are many emotions involved and those emotions can affect the way a case is handled.

I understand that divorce is more than a fight over belongings and property; it is a major life change. The change can either be beneficial or detrimental to your life.

I can help make sure it is a beneficial change.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

Divorce and custody battles are generally very unpleasant. But after the battle is over, parents need to realize that they will both be in a relationship together for the rest of their lives even though they are divorced because they will still both be a part of their child’s or children’s lives.

Co-parenting is something that all separated or divorced parents should strive to achieve except in cases where there is domestic violence or other control problems.

Coparents are a team regardless of the custody arrangement. Even though they are no longer living together, they still have a child or children who need to know that mom and dad are still both their parents and both parents care enough about them to work together to raise them.

Though each parent will be parenting a majority of the time on their own or with a new spouse, the big picture still includes the other parent and both parents need to work together on important behavioral and moral issues as well as celebrating together on important accomplishments of their child or children.

Some courts are now incorporating co-parenting agreements in divorce and custody orders to ensure that parents will agree to work together but this has to be a decision both parents are willing to make and willing to enforce. These agreements can be extremely detailed or can be broad and flexible.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office offer these hints to help with your journey in co-parenting:

Communicate with the other parent. This is important because the child or children need both parents to actively participate in their lives. Remember though, when communicating with the other parent, never argue or raise your voice. It may help to use written communications or email immediately after the divorce while emotions are still fresh.
Communicate with your child. Be honest. Stress how much you and the other parent love him or her. Never make disparaging comments about the other parent.
When your child visits the other parent help make the transition less stressful by working together with the other parent. Make sure your child knows that they need to spend time with both parents and that it is okay for him or her to love both parents. Never use your child as the messenger and don’t use them as a spy in the other parent’s house.
One of the essentials of co-parenting is consistency. House parent rules that are followed at both houses. Work with the other parent to ensure that your child’s school time and extracurricular activities are not interrupted for parental visitation. Remember that the time you spend with your child belongs to the child, not to you.
For more information on setting up a co-parenting agreement or how to make your divorce less traumatic for your child contact me by phone, email or through my contact section in this website or the Texas Attorney General at

For a video on co-parenting and a guide provided by the Texas Attorney General click on the provided link.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

Divorce is hard on kids but a study conducted in Canada and published in the Journal of Marriage and Family has found that divorce is most harmful to a child’s mental health before a parental split, rather than after the divorce is final.

Researchers at the University of Alberta found that before the divorce, children whose parents ultimately break up are more depressed, anxious and anti-social than kids from stable marriages.

The research concluded that the prevailing idea that parents should stay together for the sake of their kids is a fallacy that can do more harm to children than good.

So when considering a divorce, don’t hold onto a marriage only because you feel it is best for your children. Children understand arguments and they can feel the stress between their parents. Sometimes divorce really is what is best for them.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

The Texas Family Code provides an option for a divorce where all issues including child custody and property division are worked out without involving the Court and by working together, in private with the parties’ respective attorneys.

This is similar to mediation but instead of having a neutral party facilitating the settlement process, each party has their own attorney involved and all parties pledge to keep the settlement process progressing in a positive manner. Additionally, the collaborative law process starts at the beginning of a case rather than at the end when agreements can’t be reached and all parties are ready to go to battle.

When using the collaborative law process, a contract is entered into where both parties agree to be honest and both parties agree not to take a contested issue to the Court system but rather they agree to use other resources to work it out. Additionally, if an agreement cannot be reached, both parties agree that their collaborative law attorneys will withdraw and new counsel will be obtained on both sides. This is additional encouragement to facilitate an agreement.

Divorce doesn’t have to be nasty and traumatic.

If you are interested in exploring a collaborative law process for your divorce in Hays, Comal, or Guadalupe Counties or would like more information about the collaborative law process, please feel free to give me a call, email me, or use the contact section in this website.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

Times are changing. Courts now understand that a father can sometimes be a better parent for a child. Fathers are gaining custody of their children when this is in the best interests of their children. If circumstances in your life have changed and you feel it would be best for your child to be in your primary custody or if you are considering seeking custody of your child, contact me for a case evaluation.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

When you have tried everything to resolve your differences and nothing is working or if you are in an unhealthy marriage remember that sometimes a decision to end a marriage is the right decision.

Often mothers and fathers feel that it is important to stay together for their children and when there is a possibility of saving a marriage and regaining a healthy relationship this is absolutely true. Unfortunately, sometimes continuing a marriage can result in a violent and mentally abusive situation that is dangerous and unhealthy for children to remain in. Your children deserve your best efforts but when those fail, it can be in their best interests to have two happy parents who are divorced rather than two angry parents who are together.

There are many considerations that need to be evaluated in making the decision to divorce and when making this decision, you need an attorney who will listen to you and offer you an emotional outlet that can be filtered into something productive during this time of stress. If you are considering divorce or you have received papers indicating your spouse is seeking to divorce you, please feel free to contact me to discuss your case.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than when someone threatens your rights as a parent!

If CPS has contacted you or initiated proceedings against you, you need someone who will fight by your side. I have been fighting for parents and children in CPS cases for many years. I understand that the government does, and has removed, children from homes where they are loved and cared for.

There are very specific guidelines that CPS must follow when they invade your home and interfere with your parental role. Your CPS attorney needs to make sure that the Government not only follow those guidelines, but your attorney needs to know that you are prepared to fight to keep your children.

In Comal County, we are lucky to practice in the Child Protection Court of Central Texas which is located in the Comal County Courthouse Annex at 150 N. Seguin, New Braunfels, Texas.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

Has your child been charged or detained for a criminal offense?

What happens as a result of these proceedings can affect your child for the rest of his or her life! This is a very scary time for a child.

As a juvenile law attorney, I advocate for the child and will listen to the child. Often there are reasons for the alleged conduct that need to be explored and presented to the court.

Other times children are just at the wrong place at the wrong time and they get thrown in with others when they really are innocent of wrong doing. They need an advocate who will protect them and their futures from being thrown into a system where employees are often over worked and underpaid and justice can be lost in the swarm.

If you are facing a detention hearing, I can help you prepare to make the best case for release.

Deborah Wigington,
Attorney at Law
Comal County, Texas Lawyer

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